JMV offers a wide range of electrical safety products dedicately designed for Solar/ PV System:

Grounding & Bonding System

Copper Bonded Rods

Based on solid rod technology, the Copper Bonded Rods are highly efficient solution accepted globally complying UL, IEEE and IEC standards. Made up of solid steel rod molecularly bonded with minimum 250 micron of 99.99% pure Electrolytic Grade Copper. The copper bonded rods are available in standard dia size of 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 23mm and can be customized as per the requirement.

Solar Earthing Kit

A Solar Earthing Kit is a highly cost effective solution designed specifically for Photovoltaic System. It is a solid rod of steel with minimum 250 micron pure copper coating with carbon based earth enhancement compound to improve conductivity in every soil condition with a clamp to make a connection with the strip/ conductor. The solar earthing kit is available in 14.2mm diameter, 4 feet length (customization is possible as per the requirement).

Super Earthing Kit

A Super Earthing Kit is an innovative product providing hassle free, reliable and economical grounding system based on solid rod technology which works in extreme soil condition. It includes a solid rod of Stainless Steel with Pre welded SS Busbar duly exothermic and an earth enhancement compound. Available in 10mm dia, 4 feet length and can be customized as per the requirement.

Chemical Earthing Electrodes

We are offering wide range of earthing electrodes ensuring superior quality grounding systems. The chemical earthing electrodes are designed on the principle of pipe-in-pipe and flat-in-pipe technology.

  • Copper Bonded Electrode
  • Copper Electrode
  • GI Electrode

Earth Enhancement Compound

An earth enhancement compound is a high conductivity material designed to lower the grounding resistance and improve grounding effectiveness in high resistivity soil conditions. It maintains constant soil resistance for the better working life of the grounding system.

  • JAM Magic
  • JAM Fill
  • JAM Plus

Copper Clad Steel Grounding Conductor

The Copper Clad Steel Grounding Conductor is the cost effective replacement of traditional grounding strips of solid copper conductor. It is made up of steel with the coating of 99.99% pure copper complying ASTM B 869-96 and ASTM B 452-93 standards. We use different steel grades for the steel core result in Dead Soft Annealed, High strength and Extra High Strength Characteristics. The Copper Clad Steel Wire yields a composite conductivity of 21%, 30% and 40% IACS, and available in Annealed and Hard drawn.

Uniform Earthing Grid

The Uniform Earthing Grid is a combination of globally accepted technologies consisting molecularly bonded Copper Clad Steel Grounding Conductor made up of high tensile low carbon steel with the coating of 99.99% pure electrolytic grade copper. it is designed in the lattice structure pattern where each joint is Exothermically welded forming low impedance network further connected through a riser to a Busbar to maintain an equipotential bonding throughout the surface.

JAMWELD- An Exothermic welding System

JAMWELD is an Exothermic Welding System, which has come up as a robust solution for making electrical joints ensuring long term integrity of the electrical system. It is a globally accepted method to make permanent, reliable and safe electrical connections between two or more conductors.

Lightning Protection System

JMV offers an external lightning protection system with different air termination techniques designed with the latest technology resulting in an overall economical solution.

ESE Lightning Protection System

(As per NFC-17-102) The ESE Lightning Protection System is a non-electronic Early Streamer Emission based Lightning Protection System designed to protect the solar system at the event of a direct lightning by safely dissipating an excessive lightning current to the ground without affecting the facility. Being an expert in the area, we are also offering a risk assessment survey to determine the level of protection depending upon project requirements.

Conventional Protection System- Spike Lightning Arrester

(As per IEC 62305-3 & UL 96, IS 2309) We are also manufacturing Conventional Lightning Protection System and based on your requirement we can design an optimum solution as per various standards. The conventional lightning protection can be designed in Cu, GI and Al as per customer required. We are offering a risk analysis survey to determine the probability of lightning strikes and the most suitable and a highly cost-effective solution.

Surge Protection Devices

We are offering a highly efficient surge protection device specifically designed for both AC and DC solar electric systems. The solar surge protection devices are available in 200V, 320V, 385V, 500V, 800V & 1000V.

We are also a manufacturer of full range of innovative and reliable surge protection solutions for various protection zones to protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of transient surges and meets safety requirements.

Cable Jointing Kit

We are introducing a Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit for quick and reliable jointing of cables with self-sealing polymer insulation providing safe electrical connections between two nodes or electric circuit and prevents hazards. We offer this solution for all LT Cables, unarmoured & armoured cables buried, outdoor, underwater or laying.

Array Junction Box

We are instrumental in offering our clients with highly functional PV Array Junction Box. This PV Array Junction Box that we offer is fabricated with the use of latest technology and is suitable for different Solar Power applications. Our PV Array Junction Box is properly tested by the experts under strict industry norms to guarantee the flawless functioning and durability. We offer our PV Array Junction Box at reasonable prices. And any customization can be possible with it.

Conduit Pipe

We are primarily engaged in manufacturing and supplying of ERW Rigid Conduit Pipes available in MS, SS and GI material for protection & routing of electrical wiring as per various industry needs. We are offering Hot Dip Galvanized conduits for High Level Protection and Black enamelled conduits for medium level protection in any customize size and colour with/ without paint.


Another Successful Participation in Renewable Energy India Expo 2015

aword 10 january 2015

Accomplishing one more successful event by participating in 9th Renewable Energy India 2015 Expo held at Expo Centre, Greater Noida from 23rd to 25th September 2015. The event was an international affair as over 550 exhibitors, 20000 visitors, 35 countries & 6 country pavilions had been participated. REI 2015 featured country pavilions from China, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Canada & USA, with New Zealand is entering the Indian market with a delegation of business houses.

JMV LPS Limited participated in Renewable Energy India Expo 2014

aword 5 May 2014

Glimpse of JMV LPS Limited participation in the 8th Renewable Energy India 2014 Expo held at Expo Centre, Greater Noida from 5-7th September 2014. It was an international event that had participants from across the globe and over a 1000 Industry experts. It was Asia's largest and the most influential platform of the Renewable Energy Industry that showcased the best innovative technological solutions.

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